ThetaHealing® is a powerful energy healing technique

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It’s a meditation process and spiritual philosophy that brings about physical, psychological and emotional healing with focused prayer through the Creator/Universe.

It allows you to identify and release your subconscious limiting beliefs so you can access your true nature, develop to your full potential and live an abundant life.

There is one requirement that is absolute with this technique: you must have a central belief in the Creator of All That Is / the Universe / God etc whatever you call it - you must believe in something bigger than yourself. Theta Healing has no religious affiliation.

The beautiful thing about ThetaHealing is that you hold the key to your own healing. Together we identify and change your limiting beliefs, and the systems that guide your decisions, in an instant. These are beliefs and programmes you learned from childhood and from other aspects of your being. Some of them have been passed on from generation to generation.

Deepak Chopra refers to a belief simply as “a thought that is true for you”. He says the world that we create for ourselves is based on these thoughts, and thus beliefs shape our reality. Therefore change your beliefs, change your reality.