I was a little concerned that when the sessions were over, things would revert back but they haven't. It's been several months and things are continuing to look brighter and more promising. I had pretty much become a recluse scared to leave my house for fear of judgement over anything and everything but yet wanted to make real life connections with people. I had an aha moment on NYE when I realised that I had not only made it out of the house and travelled to the venue by myself but that I was also very relaxed about it all and had a great night. This was a huge achievement for me. I've continued to socialise, go to new locations/events and interact with people and not feel any pressure or worry about it.
Photo of Gail, Administrator, UK Gail, Administrator, UK
Gwen, what an amazing six weeks! I cannot believe how many deeply held unconscious beliefs you have helped me to surface. I have so much more clarity around my life purpose and feel more resourced to live it. I am deeply grateful for the work we have done together. It has been life changing.
Photo of Grainne McAnallen, Coach, UK Grainne McAnallen, Coach, UK
Gwen helped me get out my comfort zone and step straight into my power. It’s amazing how quickly we progressed. It felt like we changed in a few sessions my whole belief system. I love how Gwen works and I love her colour bottles, they make the process so easy and enjoyable. I could be completely myself and never had to fear being judged. This made the journey very easy for me. I let go some of my deepest fears and patterns. I’m so grateful about being in my power now. Thank you, Gwen, for helping me!
Photo of Jonas Schiffman, Coach, Germany Jonas Schiffman, Coach, Germany
Gwen! When you did the money session with me, the next day, literally within 24 hours, I got my first booking for my coaching programme. This was a person that I didn't know at all, and they paid the highest price, in one payment. That was the first person to sign-up to my programme which then ran successfully. Your session was a gateway. I didn't expect such concrete results so quickly. Thank you!
Photo of Thea May, Speaking Coach, UK Thea May, Speaking Coach, UK
I just want to say that I've really appreciated working with you. It went way deeper than anything I've done before. You challenged deep-seated beliefs, which was not necessarily easy, but what I need - I do see that. Whereas others would help me to stay stuck... confirm me in being the victim of a cruel world etc. So I'm really grateful for all your support and for staying calm and not being triggered by my patterns and resistance. Thank you so much for that! And for all the time and effort you put into supporting me on my journey, for understanding me where I'm at! I've told A. quite a few times how grateful I am she recommended you to me.
Photo of Cornelia, Switzerland Cornelia, Switzerland
Gwen is incredibly intuitive and has time and again, when I work with her, demonstrated an ability to see the big picture and the detail underpinning that picture at the same time. As a lawyer, I absolutely love her attention to detail! She finds the source of the problem, identifies all the strands holding that problem in your life and brings you to a point where you can shift your understanding and transform the hold those strands have on you. I have been able to shift really big subconscious programs that were holding me back, release my fear of moving forward with projects, and increase my confidence with Gwen's help and the exceptional skill, clarity and humour she brings to her work.
Photo of Shanti Faiia, Lawyer, UK Shanti Faiia, Lawyer, UK
I had two coaching sessions with Gwen and both have been beyond amazing. She figured out exactly where I needed to heal and letting go of old obstacles that no longer served me. Gwen has the ability to see and feel more deeply than any other coach I ever worked with. She's outstanding. I highly recommend her service.
Photo of Sabine Osmanovic, Life Coach, Germany Sabine Osmanovic, Life Coach, Germany
Gwen's intuition is on point! She is sensitive in her approach and guides you to the right point at the right moment. She gets right to the source of the problem without pushing you to places you aren't ready to go. In working with Gwen I have had some amazing insights and she has brought clarity to a number of challenging areas in my life. She is so kind and generous with her time and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to connect and work with her. I would highly recommend working with her, her approach is outstanding as are the results.
Photo of Jo Behari, Entrepreneur, UK Jo Behari, Entrepreneur, UK
I had a session with Gwen recently and I'm amazed by her intuitive abilities. She makes you work on what you precisely needs. She goes into details and really goes through all areas of your issue. She helped me work on my self-worth and clear up ancestral beliefs that I didn't even know I had but that what keeping me from achieving my goals. I can't be more grateful, thank you Gwen.
Photo of Héra Laskri, Life Coach, France Héra Laskri, Life Coach, France
Wow wow wow! Gwen has such an on-point intuition that she can easily get to the crux of the matter quickly. From working with Gwen, I was able to let go and release the perpetual cycle of seeking love outside of myself and returning back to myself on a soul level. I am super grateful and I highly recommend you working with Gwen. If you are ready to connect back to yourself and step into your light and purpose - you are in the best hands.
Photo of Gozi Halima, Brand & Business Consultant, UK Gozi Halima, Brand & Business Consultant, UK
In my theta healing session Gwen helped me find answers to questions I didn't even know I had! It touched me profoundly and made me feel truly inspired about different aspects of my life. Gwen is a loving, sensitive and truly gifted practitioner!
Photo of Alessia Gouvea, PhD, Therapist, Australia Alessia Gouvea, PhD, Therapist, Australia
I have had the good fortune that life sent me Gwen during an intense transition phase and I have been working closely with her these past few months in one-on-one sessions. She is an absolutely amazing person, healer, compassionate and uplifting soul and her insight into the very deep goings-on in my body, mind, and soul has been baffling. Each and every session I have had with her felt like a "once in a lifetime's session" and I can honestly say that her work has already changed my life. More than recommended! Thank you, Gwen!
Photo of Hannah Arnold PhD, Coach, Healer & Mother, Germany Hannah Arnold PhD, Coach, Healer & Mother, Germany
My Theta healing session was phenomenal! I was able to release the limiting beliefs instilled from my childhood and accept the good things awaiting me in the universe. Gwen's healing session was a Godsend in my life when I needed it the most.
Photo of Melicia Dupree Dance, Business Coach, USA Melicia Dupree Dance, Business Coach, USA
Gwen is an amazing kind and caring coach and healer. She has wonderful & accurate advice and connection that will definitely help you solve some issues or get through challenging times in your life. Very effective and very kind, I can’t wait to work with her again, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH.
Photo of Elodie Thénot Paoli, France Elodie Thénot Paoli, France