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My Coaching Philosophy

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Remember Who You Truly Are

My role as a spirituality & life purpose coach is to hold a safe space for you to tap into your own truth and awaken your inner healer. I’m here to help you find clarity so you can know yourself more deeply. I’m your guide on your journey to unconditional self-love.

I have nothing to teach you, you already have all the answers within you - I’m just a facilitator helping you remember who you are.

"It is through knowing who you are not that the greatest obstacle to truly knowing yourself is removed" ~ Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth.

Finding your life’s purpose is less about “doing” and more about “being”. It’s a process of letting go of all the illusions and stories that you identify with. It’s a surrender into who you truly are, beyond the limitations of the subconscious.

Feel different and create a new reality.

The question we’re exploring together is “Who am I?”

The process of discovering who you are starts with shedding the layers of who you are not. Those layers take many forms such as fears, trauma, ego, habits, limiting beliefs etc - these are the low vibrations of the subconscious keeping you stuck.

“I feel like a different person, the person I was always meant to be” ~ Jane Egginton, Writer, Social Entrepreneur & Yoga Teacher.

As you release what is not in alignment with your true self, you’ll experience a spiritual ‘home-coming’. You’ll start to feel different and attract a completely different reality. You'll create your life from the inside out, your outer world will mirror your inner world.

You’ll have more peace of mind, you’ll feel joy emanating from the core of your being and you’ll experience self-love like never before. From this place you’ll step into your authentic creative power. You will have the freedom to choose your life from a spacious and expansive state. This is true fulfilment.

Who I work with.

I work with people from all walks of life and backgrounds. I work with mothers and lawyers, entrepreneurs and artists, coaches and therapists. All have one thing in common: they want to authentically express their love and creativity into the world. They want to love their life!

My background

I started a career in the corporate world after obtaining an MBA in Paris. For years I felt intellectually satisfied and financially comfortable but something really crucial was missing in my life: joy, creativity and fulfilment. I talk about this experience on my friend Dr Hannah Arnold's "How do you heal" podcast here.

As I explored the question “what is happiness?” I started a life changing enquiry.

I made a career move into the creative industry thinking it’d be more fulfilling and it was but I still had a feeling that “surely there is more to life”. I realised that I would not find the answers outside of me (through a new project, career or status).

I knew the answers were within. And so my spiritual journey began.

I completed a foundation course in Jungian Psychology to deepen my understanding of the subconscious. As I looked for answers I was drawn to energy healing modalities as a way to tap into the unseen world. I trained as a ThetaHealing and a Colour Mirrors Practitioner and I discovered the power of my intuition.

I realised that in order to be truly happy, we have to dig deep into our subconscious to unearth what is keeping us stuck from being and expressing our abundant nature.

Energy Healing

I intuitively combine ThetaHealing® and Colour Mirrors in all my sessions. Both modalities provide beautiful pathways to read your energy field and unearth your subconscious blocks while deepening your understanding of yourself. Both support you in revealing your blind spots and raising your conscious awareness.

With ThetaHealing we dig into the subconscious to identify and release limiting beliefs and with Colour we shift the low vibrations associated with those beliefs to bring yourself back into balance and return to love.

Want to know if energy healing is for you? Book a free call with me.