Colour Mirrors

Experience the magic of colours

birds in flight in a pink sky

When you mix all the colours of the rainbow together you get white light.

Colour is the language of your soul.

Colour is powerful and is relevant to everyone because it is not bound to language. It bypasses your conscious mind and supports you in clearing issues you may have been blocking or resisting on some level. It also encourages you to recognise areas of potential, growth and empowerment in your life.

Colour allows you to translate the messages and feelings from your subconscious so you can understand yourself more deeply.

Each colour choice holds up a mirror from your soul, revealing not only your programmes and patterns but also a reflection of the greatness you hold within.

As colour helps you bring what is buried in your subconscious mind to the surface, it will help you resolve your past and open doorways to positive change. Ray McKimm says "the act of being aware of ourselves and the nature of the challenges we face is by far the greatest part of the therapeutic process. Using colour as a therapeutic language truly facilitates this process, bringing ease to the therapeutic conversation and providing a means to externalise the internal conflicts we experience".

Colour is a powerful support for your personal healing journey as it allows you to understand yourself at the deepest level.

About the system

Colour Mirrors, founded by Melissie Jolly in South Africa in 2001, uses coloured essential oils and essences as colour therapy.

It’s a healing system that takes the energies of light and uses them to address the deeply buried thoughts and beliefs that reside within your cells.

The light at the core of the Colour Mirrors system and the healing intention embodied in each of the coloured bottles travels swiftly into the core of your being, releasing old stored memories and dissolving what is no longer required.

The information carried on the light waves of colour also opens you to questions:

“What am I here for? What choices can I make? What is life really about?”

When you find yourself stuck, overwhelmed or in difficulty, colour has the capacity to bring your deepest confusions and doubts to the surface, providing answers that work, answers that help you feel renewed, answers that point the way forward.

Eight bottles from the Colour Mirrors system