Guess what?

You're not here to fit in. You're here to love yourself.

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Ditch comparison as your compass and create your own map for life.

You’re in the right place if...

  • You can feel that there’s more to life, that you’re not just here to pay the bills and live for the weekend.
  • You know deep down that you have a unique contribution to make in this world but you haven’t found your authentic voice yet.
  • You can see other people living their purpose while you’re still wondering “maybe I’m not meant to be happy” - but you know deep down that’s not true, you just haven’t found the key yet.

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Does this sound familiar?

The stack of self-development books on your bedside table haven't cured the heavy weight you wake up with each morning. Your corporate promotion was exciting until you realised you were back to forcing a smile on every call just a week later. You've recently started using your lunch hour to read horoscopes searching for reasons why you still aren't happy or fulfilled.

Or maybe you’re in between jobs, looking for “the one”. The one job that you can finally say you love, where you’ll finally feel seen and valued. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur or a coach and you’re not aligned with what you’re offering anymore, something doesn’t feel quite right but you’re not sure what. Maybe you’re in a creative industry and you’re not feeling very creative.

“Maybe there’s something wrong with me?” you ask yourself.

Or perhaps you’ve come to this conclusion: “I’m just not meant to be happy”.

I hear you, it doesn't feel good thinking these thoughts and relating to yourself this way.

Is this your strategy?

Despite the inner conflict, you force yourself to love where you’re at. And to make this pain more bearable, you’ve developed a survival strategy:

“Living for the future” has become your default mode. That beach holiday in Spain, that yoga retreat in India or simply those Friday night drinks at the pub is enough to keep you going on a Monday morning. And it kind of works for a while.

Do you dread this question?

Then one day you’re at your friend’s birthday BBQ or maybe you’re attending a networking event and suddenly you get asked “that question”.

That question that will throw your strategy out of the window in a split second and bring you back to the reality you’re trying to avoid:

“What do you do (for a living)?

Ouch. Salt in the wound moment. You were doing so well until that question.

That question is a reminder that you’re still not happy right now, that you’re in a job or a situation that doesn’t bring you joy. Your answer feels like a justification. It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself that you love what you do.

You can feel the uncomfortable undercurrent of shame that comes with not really feeling proud of what you do or where you’re at (surely you should have figured it out by now - and surely, you didn’t invest in your education to question yourself 10 years down the line).

Then you’re back to asking yourself:

“When will I get there?”
”Who am I?”

If that's how you feel, it's ok. You're not alone. Take a deep breath and be kind to yourself - you're asking yourself all the right questions to move forward. And if you're here, reading these words, it means you know deep down it's possible for you to find authentic joy and fulfilment.

Why are you not living your life purpose?

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Because you're looking in the wrong place!

You’re focusing on:

  1. Doing instead of Being - you don’t need to do more, purpose is a state of being.
  2. The Future instead of The Now - it’s not sequential, linear or conditional: “I’ll be happy when”
  3. The Outside instead of The Inside - it’s already within you, no one else has the answer.
  4. Adding instead of Releasing - you don’t need to get new skills, finding yourself is an unlearning.
  5. Self-Fixing instead of Self-Loving - There’s nothing wrong with you, time to accept yourself.

ALSO, you’re looking for something that already exists: a structure, a framework, a strategy, a formula, a secret tip…

...but it doesn’t exist yet, it is to be created by you!

Ready to discover your unique blueprint?

Isn’t it about time…

With the amount of time and effort you’ve invested in figuring out what you’re meant to do and how to be happy, isn’t it about time you get the clarity and peace of mind you deserve?

Isn’t it about time you get some answers?

  • You deserve to feel confident about who you are outside social norms
  • You deserve to love yourself unconditionally as you take the time to explore and discover what being happy looks like for you.
  • You deserve to live an authentic and abundant life, based on your own unique essence and rhythm rather than someone else’s programme.

The GOOD NEWS is...

You don’t need to quit your job or go on a jungle retreat to discover your life purpose.

You have all the answers already.

You can stop looking for the Holy Grail. Relax and drink from your own cup.

Why go on this journey with me?

Gwen Hustwit

As a qualified Colours Mirrors & EFT Practitioner, I’ve created my own unique recipe for releasing subconscious blocks so you can bring more of you into your life and walk your own unique path.

With over 10 years experience in personal growth, I believe healing is not about fixing who you are, it’s about remembering who you are. My purpose is to guide you back to (self-)love. a previous life, I've also got a Bachelor in International Business and a Masters in Operational Management. I’ve worked in logistics, investment banking, private equity and FMCG. I’ve learnt a lot from the corporate world and I’m now running a business on my own terms.

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Introducing The Life Purpose Package:

The 6-week heart-centered coaching journey for folks who are done trying to fit in and are ready to create their own template for life.

Stick with me…

Over the last 12 months I’ve worked with people from all walks of life who are fully committed to their expansion and happiness, even if they felt a little scared looking deeper into themselves.

These people are all souls who:

  • are ambitious and want to reach their goals without all the people-pleasing, stress and burnout. They know there’s an easier way to create abundance.
  • have been on a path of self-development but, despite their best efforts, haven’t (yet) got to the core of why they’re feeling stuck and trapped in repeating patterns. They know there’s more to life and they’re ready to express their full potential (which is bubbling under the surface!)
  • are awakening to their spiritual nature and understand that changing their external circumstances without taking a look inside themselves doesn’t work. They are ready to look at their life through a new lens.
  • are done with wishful thinking, waiting for the universe to deliver - they know they are at the source of their lives and want to shift from victim to creator!

The Life Purpose Package: in details

In this 6 week healing journey you’ll uncover and release the biggest blocks to being you, manifest from the heart and listen to the voice of your soul. Ready to become your own spiritual detective and find your own answers?

The format:

  • 6 x 90 min one to one colour sessions on Zoom - we’ll agree the days and times together, 1 session each week.
  • Ongoing email support in between sessions (I’ll respond within 48 hours maximum)
  • Weekly “reflection sheets” and guided meditations
  • Journaling will be a key component of the work, to capture your soul’s messages.

Investment: £1,200

If you'd like to chat and see if this the right investment for you, book a free clarity call with me. Click the link below and choose your preferred day and time. I look forward to connecting with you.

The Journey Milestones

Week 1 - Who are you, really?

We’ll start where it all began: you. We’ll look at how your childhood experiences have shaped how you relate to yourself today. You’ll stop identifying with your wounded inner child and access a whole new level of understanding of who you are. Hello you!

What we’ll do:

  • Detective work: Identify your negative recurring internal monologue, its dominant theme (hint: it’s either safety, belonging or self-worth) and how it was created. By understanding who you’re not, you’re going to get who you are!
  • Testing beliefs: learn how to check for limiting beliefs and go through specific beliefs for each theme so you know what subconscious blocks are running the show. With clarity, we’ll know where to begin.
  • Energy clearing: In our 1:1 90 min colour session we’ll take a deep dive into your subconscious mind, clear the negative patterns at play and reveal the true you. Ta Da! You’ll start to feel lighter and clearer.

Week 2: How’s life treating you?

Time to be straight about how you really feel about life and the universe. How you see life impacts your ability to manifest your goals so if you’ve ever felt at the mercy of life, time to reclaim your power. You’ll move from victim to creator!

What’s we’ll do:

  • Detective work: articulate your story about the universe and understand your relationship with life (hint: it’s either a story of separation, guilt or punishment)
  • Get clear on the root pattern that’s in the way of you feeling supported by life so you can feel safe knowing the universe has your back.
  • In our 1:1 colour session we’ll explore your relationship to life and the universe and resolve any misunderstandings about where you come from.

Week 3: What’s in your heart? Create your template for life.

Week 1 and 2 are all about digging deep to remove the weeds (the subconscious patterns) so you can have a clear space to plant new seeds and consciously start your own garden. In week 3, you’re going to articulate your intention and create your own template for life.

What we’ll do:

  • Meet the voice of your soul - learn how to hear and receive messages from your true self. This is the defining moment when you’ll focus on what’s true for you rather than comparing yourself to the outside world.
  • Create your manifesting statement - this is a heart-led process that will uncover your heart’s desires, leaving you feeling inspired, connected and aligned with your soul’s purpose.
  • As you connect with your heart, identify any limiting beliefs that are showing up, trying to sabotage your manifestation.
  • In our 1:1 colour session we’ll release the blocks to your manifestation and reveal your own unique path, you’ll feel clear and peaceful about what your purpose is.

Week 4: Listen to your inner voice & Follow your inner compass

It’s implementation time! You’ll finally experience what it means to live your life on purpose. You’ll practice listening to your intuition daily and allow yourself to be guided from within. You’ll start living life on your terms. Time to express your authentic self!

What we’ll do:

  • Create a daily journaling practice to connect within and receive the messages from your soul with my soul guidance meditation and journal prompts. This will become a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. No more auto-pilot living, you’ll feel at the source of your life!
  • Get clear on what’s in the way of you listening to your inner voice - release what jams your signal so you can have free access to your wisdom, doubt-free.
  • In our 1:1 colour session we’ll look at the experiences (traumas and fears) which caused you to lose your connection to yourself. When you understand the dissociation trigger, you’ll be able to reconnect and follow your heart. You’ll feel in alignment with yourself again.

Week 5: Clearing the fear of change

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” - Marianne Williamson.

When we start to receive what we desire, sometimes we get scared. “What will happen if I change?” This week we’ll clear the fear of change as you continue to consciously create your life and align with the greatness within.

What we’ll do:

  • Continue to anchor your journaling practice into your daily life and create conscious check-ins during the day. This will allow you to stay aligned with your intention. With time, this will become effortless, second-nature. You’ll be you, all the time!
  • Bring any fear of change to the surface so you can allow yourself to receive everything you wish for and allow abundance to flow into your life.
  • In our 1:1 colour session we’ll clear your resistance to change. We’ll uncover the reasons you may be addicted to staying small, you know, that “comfort zone”. When you see it isn’t actually comfortable, you’ll allow yourself to surrender to your true nature: limitless expansion.

Week 6: Integration week

During this last week, you’re going to take stock of what you’ve transformed in your life. This is your opportunity to notice what you’ve shifted and harvest the wisdom of your soul. In our 1:1 colour session we’ll explore whatever is coming up for you at the end of our journey together, so you can feel confident being at the source of your life moving forward.

Investment: £1,200

Ready to take the next step?

FEEL fulfilled now

Once you understand your life purpose is a journey not a destination, you’ll enjoy the present moment without the restlessness and anxiety of “not being there yet”. No more “living for the future”.

FOLLOW your heart

Stop doubting yourself & learn the language of your intuition so you can finally walk your own path without comparing yourself to others. Time to trust yourself.

LOVE yourself (like never before):

Stop betraying yourself in order to fit in and put authenticity at the core of everything you say and do in life, no matter what. Self-love isn’t selfish.

LIVE in joy

Stop living in fear and start living life on your terms with joy without feeling left out or behind. Discover your blueprint for life.

Let's get started!

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Once you book your clarity call you’ll receive a confirmation email including a Zoom link to join the call. In this 45 mins call together, we’ll get clear on where and why you may be feeling stuck in your life right now and we’ll uncover the one aspect of you that is ready to be expressed so you can move forward with clarity and authenticity and walk your own unique path. At the end of the call, if it feels in alignment, we'll explore how we can work together further.


If you have any questions please email:

The Life Purpose Package has shifted my perception in a way I had never imagined possible. My approach towards life has become trusting, practical, yet more adventurous than ever, thanks to the powerful guidance that Gwen offered me throughout such a colorful journey. Far from simple feel-good interactions, the exercises that Gwen has created cover an immensely comprehensive range of underlying beliefs that most often than not go unnoticed in societies, institutions, and familial environments. Witnessing where I—involuntarily—stood my whole life in terms of such assumptions and finally releasing them were a powerful experience. I now love life wholly, with confidence that emanates from within; I gained true power that feels natural, nurturing, and ever expanding. I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to work with Gwen, and would recommend her to anyone who is motivated to explore themselves on a fundamental level.
Photo of A.W. Korea A.W. Korea
I have spent a number of years on a spiritual journey and have cleared many deep-rooted beliefs and traumas through various other methods. Yet, I still felt stuck in various areas of my life & held back. This workshop has allowed me to go further and deeper than ever before and clear things so deep-rooted that I would never have got to with other methods. I am now free in a way I could never have dreamed of previously.
Photo of Jo Behari, Freelance Author, UK Jo Behari, Freelance Author, UK
Gwen, what an amazing six weeks! I cannot believe how many deeply held unconscious beliefs you have helped me to surface. I have so much more clarity around my life purpose and feel more resourced to live it. I am deeply grateful for the work we have done together. It has been life changing.
Photo of Grainne McAnallen, Coach, UK Grainne McAnallen, Coach, UK
I took the Life Purpose Package to see if I could get past a stagnant point that I felt I was in. I liked that it said it was me that would do the work & offered no miracle cure. Since starting the package I have shifted some strong beliefs around responsibility and the fear of saying no. I have come to feel less anxious and am kinder to myself. The most powerful part of the course was connecting to my intuition which gave me confidence that I am enough. I also felt that Gwen is rooting for you & that she is 100% focused on your session, she makes you feel very comfortable. For my first spiritual journey I could not ask for a more fulfilling experience. I can’t thank you enough.
Photo of Raquel, Italy Raquel, Italy
I joined Gwen’s programme with a certain amount of suspicion around ‘the universe’, or a higher power and what it meant for me, and around energy healing as a method of understanding, but wanting to understand historic patterns of behaviour that had shaped how I moved through the world. As a result of our sessions and the work between them, I have done just that; unpicked beliefs around being a woman working in a predominantly male industry and what is necessary to do and to be to fit in, around worrying what other people think and why that matters so much to me, around stepping forward and shining in my own right and around impending motherhood. Beginning to replace these beliefs with those that serve me better, that are routed in how I think about the world and what I want to achieve is beginning to change how I think about things and how I work. As much as Gwen will say that she is only a mirror to what I already have inside me, she is a very articulate and accurate mirror, and one that can dig into thoughts and beliefs to uncover what’s underpinning them far better than I ever could have myself. Thank you
Photo of Sarah, Architect, London Sarah, Architect, London

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