Life Purpose Package

Are you ready to take your spirituality from a mental concept to an embodied and heartfelt experience?

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Why are you not living your life’s purpose? Because of all the noise that’s preventing you from hearing the voice of your soul.

By "noise" I mean all the shock, trauma, fear, ego, conditioning, limiting beliefs and patterns that get in the way of you hearing your inner voice.

In this 6-week healing journey we’ll take a deep dive into your subconscious and unearth the beliefs and ancestral patterns blocking your soul alignment.

We will cut through the noise and return to stillness so that you can clearly and undoubtedly hear the messages from your soul.

This will allow you to consciously create your life from a place of LOVE rather than from a place of fear. You will get your truth and free will back, ready to create your life from the inside out.

This journey is for souls who

  • Are longing to find meaning and fulfilment outside social norms
  • Are awakening to their spiritual reality
  • Have a sense that “something is missing” and feel stuck or restless
  • Want to tap into their intuition for daily guidance
  • Want to understand themselves better and reach their full potential
  • Are ready to discover and express their true selves
  • Want to be more inspired and creative in their daily life
  • Know that fulfilment is an inside job
I have spent a number of years on a spiritual journey and have cleared many deep-rooted beliefs and traumas through various other methods. Yet, I still felt stuck in various areas of my life & held back. This workshop has allowed me to go further and deeper than ever before and clear things so deep-rooted that I would never have got to with other methods. I am now free in a way I could never have dreamed of previously.
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Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind

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You'll discover how to...

  • Identify & release the beliefs and patterns that are blocking your soul alignment
  • Create new empowering beliefs that will serve your highest good
  • Discover your creative and spiritual nature
  • Connect to your intuition and hear the voice and messages of your soul
  • Tap into your soul’s wisdom and guidance to discover your life purpose
  • Take actions aligned with your true self
  • Design daily spiritual practices to raise your consciousness and vibration
  • Express your divine nature & become the co-creator of your life

When you align with your true self...

  • You will find more meaning and direction in your life
  • You will move from pushing and struggling to allowing and trusting
  • You will be more present in your life
  • You will feel supported, lifted and guided by the universe and by life
  • You will love yourself like never before
  • You will feel alive & aligned with your true self daily
  • You will gain clarity and have the discipline to take action to fulfil your purpose
  • You will experience more joy, inspiration and creativity

Workshop Milestones

There are 3 key milestones on your journey to spiritual awakening:

  1. Conscious Awareness: expanding your perception of yourself and life (Week 1 & 2)
  2. Conscious Creation: setting heart-centered intentions (Week 3)
  3. Conscious Action: taking soul aligned action (Week 4 & 5)

Week 1 : Deep Dive 1 - Identifying and releasing your limiting beliefs about yourself and others

Week 2: Deep Dive 2 - Identifying and releasing your limiting beliefs about life, the universe or God

Week 3: Creating Your New Reality - Manifesting your heart’s desires and discovering your soul’s purpose

Week 4: Soul Guidance 1 - Hearing the voice of your soul

Week 5: Soul Guidance 2 - Following your soul’s guidance and taking aligned action

Week 6: Integration Week

Workshop Details

Duration: 6 weeks


  • 6 x one-to-one Theta Healing & Colour session (90 mins each), on Skype or Zoom - we’ll agree the days and times together. 1 session each week
  • Email or Whatsapp support for the duration of the workshop. I’ll respond within 48 hours


  • 6 x Reflection Sheets
  • 2 x Guided Meditations
  • Your soul’s wisdom: you have all the answers within you, we’ll use journaling to capture your soul’s messages

Investment: £1,200. Email me at for more information. I also suggest a phone chat to discuss what you'd like to work on and to make sure we're a good fit.

I joined Gwen’s programme with a certain amount of suspicion around ‘the universe’, or a higher power and what it meant for me, and around energy healing as a method of understanding, but wanting to understand historic patterns of behaviour that had shaped how I moved through the world. As a result of our sessions and the work between them, I have done just that; unpicked beliefs around being a woman working in a predominantly male industry and what is necessary to do and to be to fit in, around worrying what other people think and why that matters so much to me, around stepping forward and shining in my own right and around impending motherhood. Beginning to replace these beliefs with those that serve me better, that are rooted in how I think about the world and what I want to achieve is beginning to change how I think about things and how I work. As much as Gwen will say that she is only a mirror to what I already have inside me, she is a very articulate and accurate mirror, and one that can dig into thoughts and beliefs to uncover what’s underpinning them far better than I ever could have myself. Thank you.
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